Who are your must-haves?


If you had to give up everything else and spend the rest of your days on a boat, who are the must-haves, the ones you can’t live without? Figure out your own list, and then do everything you can to let them know how much they mean to you.”

Playing It Cool (2014)

When I heard this while watching the movie, I immediately recalled what one of my best guy friend said to me when I was overly dramatic and oh-so-emotional about my life. After I blurt out all of my problems unto him, I thanked him and in return he said, “Alam mo namang konti lang kayong pinapapasok ko sa buhay ko..”. I was flattered and at the same time, honored. I think he’s not antisocial but definitely chooses his friends wisely. He’s not wasting any of his time unto people who are not worth it but instead he’s using almost all of his spare time to the people who really matters to him and to the things that are worth to be spent with. I think we should all have the thinking of that. Well, not ‘coz he’s my friend so I’m siding with him, all I’m saying is we should not waste our time, effort, money and emotions over things that are temporary. TEMPORARY. If you know what I mean. we should spend our energy over PERMANENT things, which are valuable and that endures ’til the end of time.

P.S. – I just grabbed the photo. Credits to the owner. 🙂

Originally written: 4th January, 2015


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