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Star City Escapade


Every year, me and my girlfriends (ToKaNets) always make sure that we get have the chance to catch up about our lives and have a break with what’s going on with our lives. So last summer, we decided to go to Star City in Manila.

We decided to meet up around 10am in a mall nearby and rode a jeepney going to Cubao. From there, we rode a bus going south and we dropped off at F.B. Harrison St. in Taft Avenue where we rode in a jeepney going to Ocampo St. (near Star City). We arrived around 12 noon. Since our stomachs are grumbling from our transportation from Pasig to Manila, we’ve decided to have lunch in a fast food chain near SC (Star City).

View from the bus… quite a long ride.
We dropped off here at Ocampo St.. A fast food chain is located in this very area.

Right after we ate, we did a meet-up with a legit seller of discounted Star City tickets for 250/person instead of 450/person. And yes, this is a ride-all-you-can ticket.

Ticket fist-bump with my girlfriends! 😉

As we enter the realms of Star City, we were welcomed by a mini tiangge just right after entering. Different kinds of products were offered in this area. Following the tiangge area is the gaming area wherein you’ll need to buy tokens in order to play. Gaming area is adjoined with the indoor games including the famous Carousel Rides (for small children), Indoor Vikings, Horror Houses, Fantasy land for Kids, Mini roller coasters, and other rides and attractions that you and your family could enjoy.

The super duper epic fail photo with the “Peter Pan” signage.
Inside the Neverland.. far far awaaayyy!


Gabi ng Lagim is a horror attraction made for those of you who fears nothing.. and by that I mean the “magugulatin” people shouldn’t enter here.
Tried a kiddie ride.. Why not, right? Hahaha!
Yes, we’ve tried this Carousel!

After checking out the kiddie, teen, and family rides, we’ve finally decided to try the extreme rides including the famous Star Frisbee, Jungle Splash, and Surf Dance. Sadly, I did not get the chance to take some pics of Star Frisbee ‘coz we are so caught up on where to go next. 😀

Surf Dance — One of my favorite rides mainly because it plays good music and it rocks your world (literally).
2nd fave ride — Jungle Splash! Get ready to get soaked up in this ride!

Another attraction that we’ve seen was The Pirate Adventure, where in you’ll sail your own ship with your friends unto the saga of the Pirates inside the attraction. Here are some photos I took before and during the ride:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Another must see attraction is of course, the Ferris Wheel! I’m a big fan of Ferris Wheels, so from the start I already asked my friends to see it before and during sunset. We actually rode this attraction twice. 😉

The following are the different views at the top of the Ferris Wheel:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And of course, our mandatory groufie inside the Ferris Wheel Booth marking the end of our Star City Escapade:


After a tiring but fun day around 8pm, we started to leave Star City. And as we stroll along to find a PUV ride going to Taft, I was amused by the hidden gem of Manila, its City Lights!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I actually got home around 11pm ‘coz of the difficulty to find a ride home. But indeed, this day is beyond great and I’m really thankful for my girl friends. I always had fun when I am with them. Love you girls! 🙂

And for those of you who wondering about our expenses per person:

  • PUV Jeep going to Cubao: PHP 16.00
  • PUV Bus going to Taft F.B. Harrison: PHP 20.00 (estimated)
  • PUV Jeep from F.B. Harrison going to Ocampo St.: PHP 8.00

Transportation Expense: PHP 88.00 (Back and forth)

Food Expense: PHP 75.00

Star City Ticket: PHP 250.00

TOTAL EXPENSES: PHP 413.00/person

So in less than 500 pesos per person, you can achieve a great planned day for you and your family/friends and have fun with all the attractions and rides that the amusement park has to offer! But if you guys aren’t fond of amusement parks, that’s also okay. You can also have fun in other ways other than at Star City. Whatever you and your friends/family suits you. 😉

I hope this blog helped you to decide whether to go to Star City or not. Thanks for reading!


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