10 Signs that You’ve Found “Your Person”

Let’s face it—it’s great to have a lot of friends and nice to know that you can count on them at all times. As a young teenager/early adult, we tend to stick around our friends in times of trouble because let’s be honest here, they’re the ones who you call first in everything that’s going on with your life.

With that said, I’ve decided to put up signs to detect whether you’ve already found “your person”. The phrase was coined by Meredith Grey and Christina Yang’s friendship on Grey’s Anatomy. As what we all know, their said friendship in the famous TV Series was commendable, touching, and inspiring all at the same time. And my fellow G.A. fans would agree, right? So without further ado, let’s start!

1. They always got your back.

In good times and in bad times. Do I really need to elaborate this part? You know the rest! 😉

2. They understand you deep enough to know whether you’re okay or not.

Deeper understanding. Yes. A true friend really understands you, even if you’re not saying a single word. They care. They listen intently. Most of the time, relationships, in general, do fail in terms of understanding one’s situation. Being not attentive to your friend’s problems and remorse may cause him/her to drift apart from you. And actively boasting about your own stories while you’re friend is in need doesn’t help either. Know the waves of a person, not just it’s scenery. It is better to finish first your friend’s story before starting yours. Both of you can benefit in the situation and no one will be offended.

3. They have your “worst picture ever”

Whether you are drunk, reckless, ugly, or super weird in the said picture, worst picture ever may have an impact in your life if it will be posted online. Your person has it, but does not let that picture of you go out in public ‘coz they’re protecting you and loves you enough to blackmail you every once and a while (in a good way).. Aww!

4. You can fully trust them.

Like what they always say, trust takes years to build yet seconds to shatter. If you feel that you can deeply trust your friend and this person keeps a secret real good, then keep them! That kind of species are rare, and that my friend is what we call loyalty.

5. This person remembers the “little things”

It’s a good thing that your friend remember your “little things”, remembering a thing that you’ve said a year ago even if you’ve only told them about that once, or giving you strawberries while eating your parfait because this person knows that you love them. These only means that not only your friend understands you but is also a good listener and a keen observant, which is a whole new level of friendship.

6. Respects your personal space.

I personally can attest to this. Nothing good can come up with a super clingy non-mutual relationship. Personal space is essential for your peace of mind and realizations about your life. A best friend can respect your space and understand them deeply enough, that not every time and everything should be done with the two of you. Sometimes you both need to grow separately and then together. Your person should understand that sometimes you need your personal space but you have to make sure that it doesn’t look like your abandoning them.

7. Aren’t afraid to scold you every now and then

If you’ve done something wrong, your person shouldn’t hesitate to scold you every now and then and must wake you up to the sad face of the reality. Your person should know that fairy tales and illusions shouldn’t blind you in your life journey, and they will always be there to help you out to slap and kick your sleeping senses back to life.

8. Let’s you try new things

You and your person shouldn’t be afraid to try, explore, and discover new things. Have a planned trip ahead! It’s always fun to do things with the person who you trust the most 🙂

9. Grows together financially and emotionally

This is in relation to number 6. In reality, you can’t solely depend on your friend, you also have to do things on your own. Growing individually as a person can really add up to the spice and maturity of your friendship. You can become the World’s Best BFFs if it all turns out well.

10. The Front Porch Theory

Based on an episode of How I Met Your Mother, Lily Aldrin (played by Alyson Hannigan) have the “Front Porch Theory” towards Ted Mosby’s present relationships. The Front Porch Theory refers to their future life, whether Lily sees that person as a friend in the long run, sharing breakfasts and siestas at the front porch of their houses while growing old together. This careful selection of Lily Aldrin deeply appeals to anyone who’ve lost a friend due to some circumstances to choose your friends wisely and not waste any more time. It’s all about thinking ahead of time, whether you can picture them with you in the future. So if you can see your present friends with you in the future, sitting and chilling in the front porch, hold on to them dearly as if you’re holding on your dear life. For these people will get you through in sickness and in health, and in everything that you do, ’til you breathe your last air here on Earth.

So there you go! These 10-tell signs may help you to choose and feel if your friend really is “Your Person”. I hope this helps you in your decision process and of course, always remember to have fun with your friends! Nothing beats a well-founded relationship that lasts throughout the years. 🙂


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